Relaxation Massage

The power of touch is often missing in our busy lives. Massage restores balance and well-being, releases muscular tension and allows your body to move with greater ease.

It encounters the effects of stress, anxiety and lack of rest and facilitates the flow of energy.


Relaxation Massage

  • 30 Min (back) $55
  • 60 Min (full body) $79

Hot Stone Massage

30 minutes (back) $65 / 60 minutes (full body) $95

  • balinese stones
  • aromatic spices
  • maurla oil

G5 Massage machine

30 minutes $65 

  • water retention
  • cellulite
  • firming

Body Treatments.

You’ll really relax and unwind with our range of spa body treatments, designed to soften and nurture the often neglected body skin.

Many of the products are infused with essential oils, that smell wonderful and are highly effective as a treatment to achieve specific goals.

Body Exfoliation add on treat

  • for a super smooth body $30

Body Borocca 60 minutes $95

  • body exfoliation
  • lymphatic drainage massage
  • heated body wrap
  • cooling concentrate


We use Spraytanz, with three shades available it is suitable for both fair through to a darker skin tone.

It is perfect for body hydration and tan treatment all in one! It is the most advanced tanning solution on the market that gives you more than just a flawless natural colour. Spraytanz contains Plantolin which is clinically tested to heal and rejuvenate skin faster than any product available. Hydration is amplified, fade resistant, developed to give you a longer lasting tan, the first spray-on tan that looks like a real tan, and reduces the risk of irritation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to exfoliate your body thoroughly and refrain from using any moisturisers, oils and deodorant before receiving your airbrush tan. Also please wear dark, loose clothing.

Safe Tanning $55

  • Spray tanning / Organic Spraytanz

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